Meat Mincers (Grinders)
  • Available in two different cutting systems:
  • ENTERPRISE (single cut) in sizes 12, 22 and 32
  • UNGER (single, double and triple cut) in sizes 70, 82, 98 and 114
  • The latest PC meat mincers combine a unique and innovative design with excellent features.
  • The inside of the opening is a state-of-the-art design increasing the mincing performance owing to the careful design of the feedscrew and a greater diameter. Uniform and continuous output of meat through the mincing head.
  • The design of the outer mincing head fully avoids heat transmission to the meat. Its side fastening system by means of a single lever is easy and quick to dismantle for cleaning.
  • Reliable and strong oil-immersed gear drive and powerful motors with high overload capacity suitable for mincing all types of meat.
  • Construction: fully constructed in stainless steel 18/10 (except for some specific models with anodized aluminium mincing head).
  • They comply with EC regulations.
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