Mixer grinders (Mincer Mixers)
  • Two in one. These are automatic feeding mincers (much faster than manual feeding mincers). They are also suitable for mixing and seasoning.
  • Ideal to make seasoned minced meat or dough for cold meats and burgers in the same machine.
  • Available with two cutting systems:
  • ENTERPRISE 32 (single cut) and UNGER 98 (single, double and triple cut).
  • Uniform and continuous output of meat through the head. The design of the outer mincing head of the machine fully avoids the transmission of heat to the meat.
  • Reliable and strong gear drive and powerful motors with high overload capacity suitable for mincing all types of meat.
  • Construction: fully made of stainless steel 18/10.
  • They comply with EC regulations. Version MG-95 INT comply also with the NSF / ANSI 8 American health certification.
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