Kneader Mixers
  • Suitable not only for the meat industry but also for hotel and catering to dress salads, mixing and seasoning, etc.
  • Double rotation of paddles: in one direction they mix the ingredients and in the other they knead, eliminating the air inside the dough.
  • Uniform mixing and kneading without air pockets, which is essential for dry cured sausages.
  • It can work both with a small amount or fully loaded.
  • High absorption of liquid. The mixers can, with breaker bars removed, double as massaging/marinating machines on chicken breasts, boneless pork chops or beef steaks
  • T-shaped mixing paddles are manually dismantled without the use of tools.
  • Tilted bowl to empty the product.
  • Construction: fully made of stainless steel 18/10.
  • They comply with EC regulations.
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