Bowl Cutters / Choppers

Strong and reliable floor model for medium productions.
This is the superior version of model CM-41 equipped with variable speed of knives from 1000 to 3,600 rpm and two reversible mixing speeds at 80 and 150 rpm.

Capacity of kneading trough in litres: 40 l.
Capacity of kneading trough in Kg: ± 25 Kg.

Variable speed of knives combined with two bowl speeds.

Power of Knives Motor (with frequency converter):
12.5 HP / 9.19 kW  (variable speed from 1,000 to 3,600 rpm)

Power of Bowl Motor:
1st speed: 0.47 HP / 0.35 kW (10 rpm at 50Hz and 12 rpm at 60Hz)
2nd speed: 0.68 HP / 0.50 kW (20 rpm at 50Hz and 24 rpm at 60Hz)

It can work with 3 or 6 knives. Equipped with 3 standard knives.

Dimensions of base:  90 x 64 cm
Construction: fully made of stainless steel 18/10.

Equipped with 6 knives
Additional complete 3 knives head